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 I wanted to create a line that can target your face, body, and hair concerns simply without breaking the bank. I also wanted to take into account the importance of sustainability and taking care of our planet. As our oceans fill with plastic it is more important than ever to reduce reuse and recycle. So why not have a company that does both?


“Never not wanting to lather this product all over my body AND THEN the RESULTS: This will get   rid of your strawberry legs for sure, I’ve not seen product at this price point that is giving me this much life! Perfect for summer; purchasing again” – Edaline E

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The phrase “Zero waste” is becoming more and more popular today. As more people become aware of their carbon footprint what are some easy ways you can become less wasteful.
Eczema is a chronic skin condition that we don’t talk about enough. Eczema affects 35 million Americans. It leads to itchy, swollen, and red inflamed skin that can be embarrassing and extremely dry skin that can be hard to manage to make it very uncomfortable.
AHA, PHA,& BHA this can sound like some crazy scientific jargon. But AHA, PHA, and BHA are all acids that work to brighten your complexion. I know what your thinking, I don’t want to put acid on my skin and melt my face off. Don’t worry these acids work as mild exfoliates to reduce acne, fade dark spots and brighten your skin. But what exactly do these acronyms mean and which should you be using?
It’s crazy to think that your whole body is covered with skin. But, we choose to only focus on the skin on our face and neglect our bodies. It is important to develop a routine to take care of all the skin on our body to stay clean and fresh!
Many articles make us think that, yeah putting toothpaste, lemons or baking soda on our face is a great idea and a miracle. But it is not.

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